Human Plus | L'evoluzione dell’abito formale TONELLO

Human Plus, the latest evolution of the formal suit that becomes a real home for the soul, in a world that is increasingly interconnected and full of challenges. From the ancient Hindu tradition comes a word that revolutionizes our lives: avatar, or deities with human morphological characteristics and boundless powers, an overcoming of physical and psychological limits, also thanks to technology.a.

Human Plus, however, is not science fiction, but only the last stage of a journey that starts from afar, after more than 50 years of sartorial research always oriented towards the search for materials with the best performance, declined according to a concept of drop that is the basis of all Tonello creations. Human Plus completes this continuous research and opens the way to a new concept of clothing, a temple of the heart, mind and body.

A suit capable of emphasizing the identity of the individual, which is why it is called Human + and at the same time providing all the comfort and pleasure of a tailored garment. A dress with high-performance fabrics, to be worn from morning to evening, in total freedom of expression. Also in the party and event proposals. Borders merge. Lounging and Living coexist. Comfort and performance are the basis for the development of the contemporary dress and its accessories.i.

Hu + a Suit made for living!!

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