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TONELLO Spring Summer 2023 | BE WABI

TONELLO Primavera Estate 2023 | BE WABI
The destabilizing beauty of imperfection as a sign of a humanity to be rediscovered.
The new TONELLO men's and women's collection for Spring Summer 2023 takes inspiration from the concept of imperfection, understood as a virtue and as a necessary condition for following new paths, finding new solutions, correcting oneself and rediscovering oneself. 
The Japanese term Wabi, from the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic vision, represents rustic simplicity, freshness, an idea of unostentatious elegance and the ability that small imperfections have to give uniqueness to objects. From this concept comes the Be Wabi collection, a collection that celebrates imperfection, the beauty of simplicity and a recognizable even if not ostentatious elegance through simple lines, raw fabrics, prints with irregular brushstrokes and a palette that ranges from natural tones to bright colours. 
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