Where and when your passion for cars is born?

My father worked in the world of Formula 1, so since I was a child I grew up in motors, he took me with him every time to see the races whenever he could I was 4 or 5 years old and I already wanted the first go-kart, after a few years I he bought it and we went to the track together every weekend; he went around with his as an adult, I with mine as a child. 

My passion was undeniable, I waited all week for the weekend to be able to go with my go-kart, so shortly after I convinced him to let me do my first race and I immediately got the second step of the podium.

From there my career began because at just ten years my talent was noticed.

The world of engines is very competitive, as it can emerge 

There are many factors, like everything in life. It is not enough to have talent, it takes a lot of dedication, passion, luck of course, you have to be in the right place at the right time and you must not let yourself be discouraged. In life, but especially in a path as a sportsman, it is inevitable to have to deal with many defeats, you must not give up, every day you stumble, but if you know where you want to get, you have to focus only on the summit and not on your step. This is the philosophy I have tried to embrace in my life.

How long has your career as a professional driver lasted??

From 10 to 37 years, 27 years in which I managed to transform my passion into my work. I still live on my passion, I work on TV, talking about Formula 1 and this thanks to my long career.

Your work has led you to travel all over the world, there is a place or a race that has remained in your heart particularly 

When I was 15, I moved to Japan for a few months. I lived in the home of a Japanese manufacturer of my go-karts, we had to develop together he hardly spoke English, I hardly even a word of Japanese, but it was an incredible experience. Also for racing, I've been to the United States a lot, these experiences have made me grow. 

You are the presenter of Formula E, as you see this shift towards electric mobility?

The world in the last 7/8 years has experienced a strong change, there is a different awareness, we need to help the Planet we live in, for too many years we have only thought about consuming and dirtying our environment, now we have understood that the Planet is our home and we have to take care of it. In the automotive world there has been a strong push from manufacturers to use electric or at least hybrid cars, but that's not enough. Everyone thinks of cars as the main cause of pollution but this is not the case, they are the boilers of homes and industries, it is certain that if the whole world chose electric cars it would help a lot. Electric cars today have impressive performances, sometimes even superior to normal cars, what is still missing is that many countries are not yet equipped, but we will get there. Today we need to push the territory to be ready for 100% electric national mobility. In my daily life I drive a hybrid car.

The fashion industry also has a strong impact on the planet, many companies are making greener choices. Tonello offers sustainable lines, today you wear the T-Earth jacket, what is your opinion about itdo?

Today every small gesture can become fundamental. I always try to buy high quality garments, with natural materials. Not everyone knows that fast fashion creates enormous pollution due to the amount of waste that is created. Today I'm wearing a quality blazer, with a tailored and sustainable cut.

How would you wear your T-EARTH blazer 

Being a double-breasted, I prefer to play it down with a white t-shirt to beige chino pants.

Your concept of Timeless fashion, what a man must have in his wardrobeio…

A tailored blue suit, a white shirt with initials, a double-breasted cashmere coat and my favorite watch, preferably vintage. Male elegance is



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