Made in Italy



The term “glitch” in electrical engineering is used to indicate a short, sudden spike in a waveform caused by an unpredictable error. This term has been extended to mean a system glitch or sudden spark.

At the same time, glitch art is an artistic movement that exploits these digital or analogue errors for aesthetic purposes, creating a work of art from a defect. 

In an era where the boundaries between the digital world and the real world are increasingly blurred, the FW23 by TONELLO draws inspiration from technology and its relationship with humanity. The colors chosen for the collection, such as purple, acid green and cyan blue, recall analogue glitches, while the fabrics, such as alpaca wool jersey and velvet, represent human warmth. 

This combination of elements creates a unique visual and tactile harmony, where the cold and impersonal of digital merge with the warm humanity of fabrics. FW23 thus becomes a manifestation of how technology and art can coexist, transforming mistakes into beauty and blurring the boundaries between the artificial and the natural.

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