Made in Italy

Beauty , sensitivity, innovation:these are the elements that characterize the creations of TONELLO. We are an Italian fashion company, with an ancient sartorial tradition that led to the birth of the TONELLO brand in 2000,  from an idea and a project of the founder Claudio Tonello, who has been able to give shape to a line of outerwear for men and women, made exclusive by the unmistakable style and accuracy of the details.

We have always proudly maintained a production and creative process in Italy through collaboration with km0 suppliers. For us, Made in Italy is not just a phrase to write on a label, but a rooted choice, which means artisanal and sartorial know-how, sustainability and awareness.

The idea behind TONELLO's stylistic concept was from the outset to reinvent the jacket, enhancing its elegance and modernizing its shapes, an approach considered revolutionary in many aspects in tailoring. The result is a collection of unique and always recognizable garments, with the aim of creating high quality products that can last over time, minimizing the environmental impact in some respects and emphasizing TIMELESS and the qualitative component.