Made in Italy

The TONELLO line, the first born, has an elegant and at the same time contemporary design, offering garments designed to be worn at any time of the day, thanks also to the selected innovative and high-performance materials.

From business to events, the TONELLO man is always impeccable and recognizable.

Strengthened by the quality of the handmade in Italy and with a sartorial signature, the TONELLO men's collection is refined, unique, always contemporary and performing. In the TONELLO woman, men's tailoring is reinterpreted with softer and more feminine lines and a particular emphasis on the creation of Woman Suits, dresses with colors and patterns dedicated to modern, sophisticated and elegant women. Attention to selected materials, both for men and women, is for TONELLO an element of primary importance that leads to the choice of quality and sustainable raw materials  such as ecological and cruelty free yarns and fabrics.