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TONELLO Ambassador | Clara Nanut
Born with a passion for beauty, raised in good flavors, an authentic gourmet and style hunter, I am Clara, originally from Gorizia, Milanese by adoption. Gourmode was born to talk to you about everything I love, to bite a crunchy French baguette with me, to run on a pair of stiletto heels so as not to miss the last flight on Friday night, wander neighborhood after neighborhood in search of the restaurant to discover, listen good music sipping a timeless cocktail wake up the next day in front of a cup of steaming coffee, connected to, to let yourself be carried away in the diary of a gourmet à la mode, a chic girl with a huge appetite.te.

When your passion for fashion is born? 
I cannot remember a specific event, because it has always been in my heart. I was born this way. I used my mom's scarves to create quirky dresses for my friends and gathered my family in the living room to perform in fashion shows with my new purchases or original creations. A little sui generis child, but in being certainly vain I was and have always remained sweet and funny.

How would you define your style? 
Refined and eclectic. 

How much do you think your travels have influenced your style?
Very very much. Without traveling we would be empty souls. The journey makes us richer and more aware, gives inspiration and new points of view, teaching us not to take anything for granted. I was born and raised in a small town, Gorizia, but I have traveled a lot since I was a child. I could mention more exotic destinations, however the cities that have given me the most are Paris and perhaps trivially but truly, my Milan.

“Timeless today more than ever, fast fashion is a lifestyle for youita? 
Timeless is undoubtedly a lifestyle because it goes beyond the boundaries of fashion and distinguishes a precise style, which today could also be defined as sustainable. I have never loved fashion in its neurotic changes of direction, I have always been a lover of style and beautiful things, which do not feel the passage of time.
A style tip on how to wear and be able to decline a suit from the Timeless line in multiple ways… 
I reveal two ways in which I will wear it. My light blue blazer with a cream-colored slip dress and a leather boot or the palazzo trousers with a linen shirt tied at the waist and a pair of espadrilles better with wedges to slim. Enjoy.



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