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Passion handed down from generations...This is what unites two realities symbols of Venetian excellence and made in italy clothing, such as TONELLO and BOTTOLI. To tell us their stories are just CLAUDIO TONELLO and ETTORE BOTTOLI.

Claudio Tonello:

"Tonello is born from the passion of two generations that for more than 80 years carry on their craftsmanship. 

My family has always focused on quality materials, timeless lines and innovation, initially with my father, now with me and who knows maybe tomorrow with my children.

My father, Renzo Tonello in his book "Il sarto bambino" said: Seventy years of work in clothing, practically a life; but I can say that I have never been bored one day. And even today, when I arrived at the office, I felt the same enthusiasm as when at the age of 9 I timidly entered the tailoring shop to prepare myself to learn the first rudiments of that tailoring art that I love so much.

Our work is passion, experience, but today also innovation."

Ettore Bottoli:

"The Bottoli Wool Mill was founded in 1861. We are the fifth generation of a family that began with the production of blankets and wool cloths. The headquarters is located in Vittorio Veneto. From the elevated position, you can see the splendid architectural lines of Serravalle, medieval pearl and then of the Serenissima. This can be a key to reading the DNA of the company that seeks that quality and refinement that comes from the cult of beauty that made famous the Republic of Venice. Specialists in fantasy fabrics, today we export to 21 countries, with a commercial network of 14 agents scattered throughout the territory."

2)The quality of a product starts right from the raw material, today a quality garment is a durable, the "GREEN FASHION" is a modern concept, in a society of fast fashion...


"All our collections, since the birth of the brand have always focused on the quality of fabrics and tailoring cuts that made a garment, timeless. This is the essence of Tonello. "The choice of quality materials is at the basis of the Tonello project, a path of productive dedication that results in an innovative Sustainable line."


"The raw material in fashion is as important as it is in the kitchen. The cook may be good, the garnish of the dish fantastic, but the quality of the ingredients makes the difference. We use only excellent wool and the finest fibers. In the early 2000s we identified the best flocks of Italian merino sheep. With advice and support to the farmers we have selected the chromatic shades of the fleeces (from white to dark brown through the intermediate tones of noisette, tobacco and cocoa) that allow to produce fabrics in natural shades. Thanks to the rediscovery of these wool with excellent morphological characteristics, enhanced by the use in the natural color of the fleeces, Today we are able to offer fabrics with superior softness and calorific value without the use of any dye and no dye.“

3)The collaboration TONELLO/BOTTOLI is the union of two companies that carry on the made in Italy clothing (and in Veneto) of excellence: what is needed today to stand out in the world of fashion?


"If there was a magic formula I would compose it like this: quality, classic lines and innovative materials. In a world where "fast fashion" reigns supreme, we still believe in garments made with care, in the perfect fit, that cut that only the sartorial experience can create and of course innovation; you must never stop renewing every day, with materials that respect the planet, but also increasingly performing to meet the needs of a modern man/ woman."


"It seems obvious but to stand out we need to renew ourselves. Research and development are fundamental in our world. We produce more than 2,000 different colors every season, we study weaving using innovative yarns. By presenting the fabrics more than a year earlier than when they will be seen in stores, we can not just follow the trends, but we must anticipate them.

The excellent relationship with realities such as TONELLO and the constant exchange of information, allows us to have an extra gear, understanding the needs of the market."

4) 3 Corporate values representing you...


"I want to start with three words to express our values: 

tradition, design, innovation.

TRADITION: Pass on an art, the art of tailoring of my family, the "beautiful dress", the drop 8 as a symbol of elegance. This is the essence on which Tonello is based. 

DESIGN: clean and essential. A garment Tonello/ T-JACKET has no time, but at the same time is always at the forefront.

INNOVATION: the continuous research of materials that adapt to modern man, never forgot the Planet. We aim at garments that are increasingly comfortable and sustainable."


Respect: respect for the raw material (avoiding any kind of waste) and respect for those who work it ( the work of each, which leads to the realization of the finished fabric, is important). The work is sacred and deserves due recognition.

Loyalty and confidentiality: our customers have been with us for decades. Confidentiality and attention to the service regardless of the 'ordered are keywords' in the company.

This is also why we particularly love Japan, a people that shares our same values, devoting special attention and care to it.

The importance of the community: the decision to maintain production in Italy, which involves a myriad of difficulties, has never been questioned.

In a phase of world history and economy in which commercial and financial interests prevail over everything, in this corner of Veneto, in the wake of a tradition that gives priority to the culture of work in these parts, we are proud of what we do. Those who buy our fabrics buy the values that are behind this land and reward the seriousness of those who work them."

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