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Claudio Tonello | Look donna per l'invitata perfetta

Francesca Stoppele, together with Ivan Guariso, is the founder of Emotions Eventi Verona, a leading company in the world of wedding in the Triveneto area.

Francesca, with your decades of experience in the world of weddings you will have seen everything, from the most elegant outfits to some guest slips. Let's start with mistakes: what can't be put on a wedding 

Let's start by saying that the bon ton of a wedding depends a lot on the time of the ceremony and the location.

Let's take an example of a wedding in the Church in the morning: the outfit of a perfect guest must be elegant, but must not exceed, absolutely avoid long dresses and very dark colors. The high heel is always a symbol of elegance, but with sobriety. It is not advisable to venture into plunging necklines or dresses that are too short, it must always be taken into account that the ceremony is religious.

What would you recommend to wear then 

 the options I would propose are two:

A midi dress with delicate colors or, very modern and above all wearable, a nice suit. With a suit you can never go wrong, a symbol of elegance and perfect at all hours of the day, preferably in pastel colors and fine fabrics. Very easy to customize according to your style with fashion accessories, such as a nice pair of earrings or a trendy sandal. In a period like this I advise people to choose garments that can also be worn on other occasions, an elegant suit can be broken up and played down with jeans or a t-shirt.

What absolutely cannot be worn by a guest 

The first thing, which seems trivial, but isn't, don't wear white! Avoid all very light tones that from a distance could make you look like the bride. Avoid very dark tones, unless it is an evening event in a very elegant location and the bride and groom request it. Red is also part of the NO palette as it is considered a too flashy color, we must remember that the protagonist is the bride and nothing should obscure her.. 

A tip for the perfect guest“? 

Man has an easier life, unless he wants to overdo it. Yes to the blue suit or lighter tones if it is a summer wedding, a tuxedo is absolutely forbidden and let us remember that if the groom is in a morning suit, all the guests must follow him.

For a sportier man and a day wedding, a split, preferably double-breasted, can be an excellent solution.

To conclude, the watchword is elegance and sobriety. Less is more.

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